By Thorn & Thunder

by Runemaster

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Recorded in November 2016 at Wall of Sound Recording Studio, Edinburgh.


released February 9, 2017

Guv - Guitar and Vocals
Aidan - Guitar
Bob - Bass
Keith - Drums

Recording, mixing and mastering by Stu at

Artwork by Graeme Morrison



all rights reserved


Runemaster Edinburgh, UK

Guv - Guitar / Vocals
Aidan - Guitar
Ed - Bass
Keith - Drums

Heavy Metal from Edinburgh.

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Track Name: Thurisaz
Beneath the earth, runs Etin blood,
Rise from the curse, pervasive flood,
Contain all forces sworn absurd,
Release the earth upon the herd.

Fight and die, In chaos be reborn,
Thurisaz, yield to the wretched thorn.

Estranged from life futile and cold,
Baptised in strife, Bloodstone foretold.
Direct the fire within the thorn,
Claim victory and raise the horns.

Fight and die, in chaos be reborn,
Thurisaz, yield to the wretched thorn.
Track Name: Hunt The Living
We hunt the living, we hunt the dead,
Taking souls in parity, this world will be bled,
No unbeliever will be spared,
In our quest for metal pure and unbound,
Hear our cries far and wide,
The Beast has come,We will rejoice.

Rejoin us, from your grave,
Immortally Enslaved.

We smash the deceivers, we crush the vain crowd,
An army of the dead shall support us,
Followers of the hammer to the end,
In battle we will fight for the metal,
That drives us in our hearts, iron will,
Raise the standards, fly them high in triumph,
He has come, Hail to the Beast.
Track Name: At The Sign Of Thunder's Call
In frost and fire we have been born,
Fed to the flames,
Cast forth, out to die in the eye of the storm.

By runes inspired, we shall awake,
Selves to reclaim,
Break the chains and arise at the sign of thunder's call.

Where the pious reign, with weapons of fear,
Messianic claims, madness of Lear.
Read your tablets of stone, all shall adhere,
Place yourself on the throne, fall on your spear.

By moon's pale light oaths' we shall take,
Sworn to the blade,
Our doom we shall face at the sign of thunder's call.