Futhark Dawning

by Runemaster

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Recorded and mixed by Stu at Wall of Sound Productions, Edinburgh. Artwork by Michael Branagh Art, Edinburgh.


released July 8, 2015




all rights reserved


Runemaster Edinburgh, UK

Guv - Guitar / Vocals
Aidan - Guitar
Ed - Bass
Keith - Drums

Heavy Metal from Edinburgh.

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Track Name: Into The Hall
The stars and moon will guide our way,
Into a never ending grey,
Cruel false gods will blind our souls,
An emptiness not clad in gold.

Raidho! Mannaz!
Show us the path.

Into the Hall-Forsake them all.

A force inside thee must awake,
The golden halls they lay in wait,
Find thought and sight within the well,
Escape thine rotten astral hell.
Track Name: The Leavings Of The Wolf
Hail to them, War fallen,
In battle they gave their lives,
In sacrifice to Gods on high,
In Asgaard they gained their prize.
Fenris is chained and will remain,
Until Heimdallr, he sounds his horn,
When Ragnarok consumes the sky,
We will fight by Tyr's side.

Wolf's in chains and will remain,
The Leavings of the Wolf will be thy name.
Lost thy hand to teeth divine,
Lost and found through sacrifice.

Cosmic law and violent war,
Bind us by oath to this fate,
Runes are dealt, justice felt,
Honour and strength, they wont wait.
Spears of ice, sacrifice,
The eye must be lost for true sight.
When chaos crawls, Tyrants fall,
The North Star will guide to the light.
Track Name: North Sea Demon
Thee arise, from icy tombs beneath the North Sea,
And his lust shall soon be quenched.
Foreboding waves, shall not contain him,
And our hate shall be his strength.

All of us, Mortal men,
Doomed to die, His will shall bend.
Spreads his wings, Against black skies,
Casts his wrath, We take our lives.

Abyssal madness, Rule in sadness,
Mighty Heathen-North Sea Demon.
Killed by Brothers, Men shall turn on others,
War in season-North Sea Demon

Demons' eyes, are open to imperious greed,
And our fate we can't repent.
Immortal slaves, we are becoming,
As is His will and His intent.