Wisdom & Darkness

by Runemaster

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Recorded in October 2015.


released December 5, 2015

Big thanks once again to Stu at Wall of Sound for the recording/mixing.


Also a huge cheers to Graeme for the logo and artwork.



all rights reserved


Runemaster Edinburgh, UK

Guv - Guitar / Vocals
Aidan - Guitar
Ed - Bass
Keith - Drums

Heavy Metal from Edinburgh.

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Track Name: Path Of The Serpent
Waging a war in your mind,
Unconscious wisdom you will find.
The path of the serpent you will need,
On opposite forces it will feed.

Sacrificial, Runic wisdom,
Thought and sight within the Well.
Suprarational Occult insight,
Hidden Eye gives rise.

The Path of the Serpent is blind,
Darkness and Wisdom entwined.
Breaking an Oath to achieve,
The Cult of the Snake is concealed.

Shape it will shift in deceit,
Obtain your wings, Win the mead.
In mountain enclosures deeds are wrought,
Find inspiration in three forms.
Track Name: God Has Himself To Blame
All will fall into the grave,
Until the end of time and space.
No world above, No earth below,
Our deathly fate, thitherto we go.

Crucifix in Flames, God has Himself to blame.
Propagate those lies, And see all reason die.

Controlling men like slaves with fear,
Ungodly lies as death draws near.
Just like the snake, they tempt with life,
And in the end the church will burn in spite.
Track Name: Pillars In The Abyss
On frozen plains with tombs on fire,
Old wisdom gained, false lies devoured.

Runes remain, Pillars in the Abyss.
Ravens will reign, Christ time is over.

Withered and burned, what once was known,
One-eye replaced, thy crown of thorns.

On carven Runes we base our faith,
Wisdom obtained in place of hate.
Cast down preachers and effigies,
Old Gods will raze them to their knees.

Runes remain as a shadow on our mind,
A pillar in the abyss of our time.